Web solutions for business challenges


Laptop, desktop, or mobile, PC or Mac, regardless of the device, when your data needs to be accessible from anywhere, you need a web app that’s built with flexibility in mind. Because our focus is on making the solution fit the business challenge, not the other way around, we’re fluent in a variety of platforms. Whether your corporate standard is Microsoft .NET and SQL Server or you have a preference for open source development, the Star IT Solutions AppDev team will work with the platform that best meets your functionality, timeframe, and budget.

For branding or specific interface requirements, our apps can be tailored to meet your unique look and feel. We work with the leading content management systems to get you up and running fast, or if your needs are more custom, we can design and build from the ground up. We also have extensive expertise in search engine optimization and marketing to ensure that all the time and effort you put into development gets results from the visitors you want to attract.



You pick the device, we deliver the data


As mobile devices quickly become the preferred sources for up-to-the minute data, applications must adapt to keep pace. At IT Solutions we call on our extensive experience in user-friendly, cost-effective custom apps for web and client-server delivery to create mobile apps that set your business apart.

Whether your mobile project is an iOS, Android, or FileMaker Go app for the iPhone or iPad, or an integrated solution with a desktop system, Star IT Solutions has the resources and experience to take your project from concept to completion. Our full-time, local development team has experience with a variety of platforms and custom client engagements, so no mobile challenge is out of reach for our capable expertise. And with our proven Agile Development methodology, you can be confident that the process will be as successful as the outcome.

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