If you experienced a server or system meltdown, could you get fast access to your data to ensure recovering your ability to operate? Could you continue servicing clients while you waited for a hardware replacement? More importantly, would your clients wait for you? What if your firm suffered a fire, flood or other major disaster? How long would it take to restore normal operations? Do you want to ensure you never lose access to your data for a minute, let alone forever?

Your data—from email messages, client contracts, financial data or intellectual property—is the lifeblood of your company. Ensuring it is backed up regularly, and that you can access both data and applications, no matter what, is an imperative for business survival. We understand your tolerance for business disruption will vary based on your clients and your budget.

Star IT Solutions can configure, at your site, two hardware servers that are totally synchronized in real time. If one goes down, the other stays up, and you experience zero downtime. Should your site become unavailable due to a natural disaster or other significant event, you can access your off-site imaged data through a dedicated portal within two minutes.

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