Whether your business is in need of PC help, PC repair, computer repair, help fixing compute problems, online computer support, software help, computer help, online & remote computer repair, IT help, computer tech support, or computer diagnostics, we’ve got you covered!

Star IT Solutions recognize that not everyone has the time or resources to devote to PC installations, network setups and mobile technology developments. With our tech support and integration services, companies get on-site installation, support and software upgrade services. We know a small company’s needs are different from a company with 50+ workstations. Star IT Solutions offers multiple levels of maintenance and tech support which can be customized to the exact type of coverage a company needs.


IT Support plans for your business needs

Star IT Solutions offer hourly IT support contracts where the customer weighs in on the project or level of expertise required. These services are billed based on the expertise of the technical engineer or the technical requirements of the project.

We also offers fixed rate IT Network Support Agreements to handle technical network administration, capacity management, operating system/anti-virus update and any other required support.